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Renovation of leathers in Bydgoszcz

Leather is an exclusive material. If properly cared for, it will serve for years. It is important for car leather upholstery to maintain an appropriate level of hydration. It loses the natural oils used in the tanning process with age. When dried, it can crack and even tear off seams. That is why, each time we clean the upholstery, we evaluate its condition and use the highest quality care products. Different in the case of new cars and still different in the case of youngtimers.



When the leather upholstery requires repair, we will provide a professional spray painting service. We will choose the color appropriately, fill in the defects or make upholstery repairs. The minimum duration of such a service is 24-48 hours. We provide 12 months of warranty for the service. We work on a proven German system for the renovation of leather upholstery by Colourlock.  


We make:


- local repairs

- upholstery exchange

- color changes

- painting the entire interior

-painting the steering wheels

Are you looking for a professional leather cleaning and renovation service in Bydgoszcz? Trust professionals in this field. Here are some of our projects.

If you have any questions, please contact our service technician :)


Cleaning, varnishing and regeneration of leather upholstery 


Inowrocławska 29a (obok CSV)

85-153 Bydgoszcz


Tel: 790-338-377

(We speak English)


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