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 PPF Protective Films


Colorless 3M protective film  Pro Series is the best paint protection on the market. Its thickness is 200 microns, which is on average twice as much as the colorless varnish. It is almost invisible, and its extraordinary mechanical strength provides excellent protection against anything that would normally damage the paintwork. (scratches, chips, insect pits or bird droppings).

The foil regenerates itself under the influence of heat, i.e. it absorbs micro-scratches resulting from its use. The sun's rays, a stream of hot water or air, or simply a heated garage restore the foil to its pristine appearance.

  PPF foil is transparent and practically invisible. Thanks to this, it can be glued not only to the entire elements, but also to some of them. For example, in the so-called the bikini package laminates ⅓ part of the bonnet and fenders, the front bumper, headlamps and mirrors. This allows you to protect only those parts of the car that are most exposed to gravel or stones.


Countless types of foil enable a spectacular metamorphosis of the car. Selected coatings allow you to change the effect of the varnish finish from glossy to matte or carbon, imitating the texture of carbon fiber. It is even possible to completely change the color of the car body without having to paint it. Separate variants of the foil also allow you to dim the headlights or warm up their light. This makes the car's new design available almost at the click of a finger.

A recently popular option is also securing door handle recesses, piano black lacquered pillars or interior decors.

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Nowe Audi A3 2023 E hybrid

Zakres prac:

-oklejenie przodu w wersji full front
(maska, zderzak, lampy, słupki A, wnęki klamek, próg bagażnika)

-słupki piano black
-wyświetlacz w wersji matowej

Dodatkowo lakier został zabezpieczony powłokami ceramicznymi Gtechniq Serum Ultra 9 lat oraz powłoką hydrofobową EXO. Zabezpieczyliśmy również koła, szyby a na folię ochronną PPF zaaplikowaliśmy powłokę Gtechniq Halo.

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