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Gtechniq ceramic coatings

Gtechniq Bydgoszcz

The ceramic coating is a mixture of nano-structured silanes which, when applied by hand, permanently bond to the surface on which they were applied. In this case, on the paint of your car, motorcycle or boat. This is the simplest definition of what a shell actually is.


Generally speaking, "ceramics" for varnish has two tasks. First of all, it is supposed to make your car's paint look better over the years than on the day it left the showroom. Secondly, provide greater shine and effective protection against bird bombs thanks to the developed smart surface science technology. The ceramic-coated varnish will be easier to care for due to less adhesion of dust and dirt.

Gtechniq has developed an entire army of shells, each with a slightly different task to fulfill. Crystal Serum Ultra with a 9-year durability and 10H hardness, Crystal Serum Light (5 years) and the phenomenal EXO hydrophobic coating.

In our car detailing studio  in Bydgoszcz at Inowrocławska 29a, you will apply each of these coatings. As the only company in Bydgoszcz, we have accreditation for the application of Gtechniq Polska coatings, and thus full knowledge and training in this field.


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Bmw X5 Powłoka ceramiczna Bydgoszcz
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